Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Yes, I am a geek. Why do you ask?

It´s strange that noone has mentioned the similarity between the murdered Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and the villain in Lord of the Rings, Saruman.
- Johan Norberg on the assassination of Sheikh Yassin.
An original thought, at least. But this is the first thought that pops into Johan's head when the lethal embrace which binds together Israel and Palestine tightens with no sign of release, like the two Lazari in Original Series episode 020 "The Alternative Factor," condemned to mortal combat until the end of time; for should their battle escape the intermediate time corridor in which they have been trapped, it would destroy two universes.


That should cast me out of the geek closet assuming two references to Doctor Who within twenty-four hours didn't give it away. On my first day, I was tempted to comment on Seven of Nine's ex's candidacy for the US Senate, but felt I said my piece in Gnostical Turpitude's comments*.

*I was being facetious. The only two people who know what really happened are Jack and Jeri Ryan. Moreover, it's their business and no one else's, except possibly their respective lawyers and the presiding judge. Besides, I really blame Brannon Braga. For lots of things.


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